Updo’s & Prom Hairstyles

Up Do’s & Prom Hairstyle Ideas at Denise Thomas Hair Salons, Litherland, Netherton & Crosby

prom hair styles at denise thomas hairdressing liverpoolHave you thought about how you are going to wear your hair for your prom night?

Your hairstyle is probably the most important stage of preparing for your prom, and your prom night is the perfect excuse to try something new and glam up your hair to party with your friends.

Your prom hairstyle should highlight your character and match all the elements of your look, including your dress, accessories and makeup.

Let the team at your local Crosby, Netherton & Litherland hair salons take the strain out of planning your party hairstyle. Give your local Denise Thomas salon a call using the links below. 

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Big Bouncy Blow Dry 

prom hair styles at denise thomas hairdressing liverpoolYour prom hairstyle will look stunning with a professional blow-dry, speak to your stylist at Denise Thomas – the perfect prom hairstyle will add the finishing touch to your outfit. Whether it’s long, mid-length or short hair, we can make you look stunning with some added va-va-voom!

Curly & Wavy Prom Hairstyles

prom hair styles at denise thomas hairdressing liverpoolYour natural curls don’t need to be straightened, they are gorgeous as they are for your prom hairstyle. If you do have straight hair we can create a variety of different looks by adding curls or waves to your hair, from loose waves to glossy corkscrew ringlets depending on the look you want to achieve.

At Denise Thomas Hair Salons in Netherton, Litherland and Crosby, we will ensure you will leave our salon feeling like a princess with beautiful curls or waves.

Hair extensions are a fabulous way to transform your look. If you have dreamt of having long hair for your prom ask your stylist about Racoon Hair Extensions at our hair salons in Liverpool.

Braided & Plaited Prom Hairstyle & Ideas

prom hair styles at denise thomas hairdressing liverpoolIt’s hard to go wrong with a braided hairstyle, from chignons to fishtails to ponytails, braids can make any hairstyle prettier and more interesting, you’ll be the belle of the ball with this prom hairstyle. Braided hairstyles are young and flirty and a fun way to wear your hair.

You don’t have to have long hair for a braided style, a short braided hairstyle will not only look fabulous but you will attract attention with this stunning style….show off this gorgeous style on your prom night. To help you find the perfect braided hairstyle for your prom, check out some of our favourite styles.

Trendy Up Do’s For Prom

prom hair styles at denise thomas hairdressing liverpoolAt Denise Thomas Hair & Beauty Salons, Liverpool we can create stunning up-styles for your prom night. Generally, your updo should look young, fresh, girly, rather spontaneous and not too laborious. Try not to choose hairstyles which make you look too adult. Speak to your stylist for advice to suit you and your personality.

An updo hairstyle is a popular choice for many prom girls and can be the perfect style for a high neck dress or a dress with a low back. If you have naturally curly and thick hair, wear your hair in a low, loose curly upstyle, embrace your natural waves with a loosely pinned low bun, this is the perfect style for you.

Wear your hair in a side bun and find a flower that matches your dress adding into your side bun. A small side braid can turn even the most boring bun into something spectacular for your big night girls!

Modern Ponytail Hairstyles

prom hair styles at denise thomas hairdressing liverpoolThe ponytail is classic and chic, a bang-on-trend prom hairstyle. Unmistakably feminine and seriously practical, the ponytail variations are pretty much endless. Wear it with multiple bands, add some waves or braids, go poker-straight or create some waves.

Wear a half-ponytail, packed with personality. Place the ponytail lower down for an understated look, or aim higher for a perkier feel. Whatever your sense of style, experiment beforehand if you want to wear your hairstyle in a ponytail for your prom.

Prom Hair Ideas For Gent’s

There are many prom hairstyles for men and if you pick the right hairstyle you will feel confident and look great, it’s not all about the girls, the boys want to look good too! Quiffs with fades, texturised short styles, long, curly hair and modern side part styles are great looks for younger men.

Book Your Prom Hair Appointment in Crosby, Litherland & Netherton at Denise Thomas Hairdressing

Book your prom party hair appointment at our hair salons in Netherton, Litherland & Crosby in advance as we get very busy at this time of year. If you need help on deciding on the perfect prom hairstyle get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to advise you on the perfect prom look. 

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