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The Fringe Is Back!

Hairstyles With Fringes from Denise Thomas Hair Salons in Crosby & Litherland

The fringe is back and better than ever in 2019 and here at Denise Thomas hairdressing salons in Crosby and Litherland we couldn’t be more excited!

Hairstyles with fringes are been seen on an array of high-profile celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and Halle Berry. So, if you wanted a quick fix to transform your hair then the fringe is the way forward.

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Which Fringe is Right for Me? Advice from Top Hairdressing Salon Crosby

Fringes are a great way to freshen your look and update your hair style.  There are so many different variations to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Full fringes, blunt fringes, side-sweeping fringes, 1970s-inspired fringes with flicks and super short micro-fringes to name but a few. Our stylists can advise on the style that would suit you best. 

For inspiration on what sort of fringe you want, take a look at these gorgeous looks below…

Casual Side-Sweeping Fringe

Both popular and on-trend, the side swept fringe is stylish and works on all hair textures. Just take a look at the beautiful Selena Gomez rocking this casual fringe.

Long, Over Grown Fringes

Actress Halle Berry looks stunning with her versatile long fringe which can be worn swept to one side or straight down.  

Super Stylish Short Fringe

Looking for a chic and modern fringe? This ultra cool short, side swept fringe looks great teamed with a short-cropped hair cut.

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