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Help – I want to change my dark hair colour to blonde!

Going from brunette to blonde at Denise Thomas hair salons in Litherland & Crosby, Liverpool

Are you bored of your brunette hair colour and want to see if blondes really do have more fun? If you are thinking of changing your hair colour from dark to blonde, but not sure where to start visit the hair colour specialists in Liverpool, at Denise Thomas and let them transform your look! Here, we share some top tips on changing your hair colour from brown to blonde…

Please note: All clients are required to have a colour patch test 48 hour before any hair colouring service. This allows us to check for any skin sensitivities and ensures safety for all our clients.

blonde hair colour-denise-thomas-hair-salons-liverpool

Colouring dark hair to light blonde – advice from the experts at Denise Thomas Hair Salons in Litherland & Crosby

Leave it to the professionals

To ensure the condition and quality of your hair is not compromised when you change the colour of you hair it is best left to a qualified professional – toners, treatments and regular salon visits are a must. When changing your hair colour from one shade to another it is not always a case of simply applying one colour over another.

It’s a process

If you want to change your hair colour from brunette to a lighter blonde colour, you have to understand that it is a journey. At Denise Thomas hair salons in Liverpool we will not compromise the condition of your hair –  when having a drastic hair colour change, you may not achieve your desired result after just one visit.

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I dyed my hair at home – now it’s got brassy orange & yellow tones. What’s the best way to correct this?

When changing the colour of your hair from brown to blonde you need to leave it to the experts. Chances are if you take your chances with a box dye at home you are going to be left with an uneven or patchy hair colour. If the inevitable has happened and you now have unwanted brassy, yellow tones in your hair – don’t panic! In our Litherland & Crosby hairdressers we have seen it all before and can fix diy hair colour disaters, neutralise unwanted yellow tones & even out patchy hair colour results.

Check out our hair colour correction page for more information.


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