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Autumn Hair Colour Trends 2019

The Top Hair Colour Trends for Autumn at Denise Thomas Hair Salons in Crosby & Litherland

Fancy a change in hair colour? Classic shades including brunette, blonde and red hair colours remain popular choices, especially in the cooler months when autumnal hair colours are more desired.

The hair colour technicians at Denise Thomas hair salons in Litherland & Crosby, are experts on the newest hair colour trends and techniques. Dedicated to hair colour perfection, we are passionate about creating stunning hair colours tailored to you. 

With hair inspiration around every corner, maybe it’s time to update your look for autumn!

Autumn hair trends at the best hair salons in Litherland & Crosby





Brunette Hair Colour in Crosby & Litherland

Brunette Hair Colour in Crosby Litherland at denise thomas hair salonsNow that summer is over, it’s time for blonde and lighter hair colours to make way for beautiful glossy brunette colours that match the season.

For super shiny locks opt for an all over rich brunette shade, or choose red toned highlights that catch the sun and make your hair look fabulous! Ask your Denise Thomas hair colour technician which hair colours will suit you best.

Coral Hair Colour at Top Hair Salons in Crosby & Litherland

coral hair colour at denise thomas hair salons in litherlandCoral colour has been growing in popularity over the past few months. It’s a pink-orange shade with golden undertones that can be as bright or faded as you desire.

Opt for peach or apricot tones, the perfect hair colour if you don’t want to go too dark. Coral hair colours can freshen up any hair shade and can be weaved through your hair to give your hair a lift during the autumn months.

Red Hair Colour Specialists in Litherland & Crosby

Red Hair Colour Specialists in Litherland CrosbyHave heads turning this autumn with a vibrant red hair colour!  With a variety of red shades to choose from, we’re sure to find a red hair colour that’s suited to you.

An eye-poppingly bright shade such as pillar box red will stand you out from the crowd this season. Find the perfect red for you by letting our colour specialists find a custom shade that is matched to your skin tone and eye colour.

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